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All Oils Are Not Created Equal

A sample of Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 15W-40 that we had tested, did not meet industry standards.

Name the Pickup Truck the “Official Vehicle of the United States”

Oct 03, 2017

Shell Lubricants to honor the Historical Significance of the Pickup Truck through their newest Shell ROTELLA® campaign, “Pickup Pride”.

CarbonTV Premieres Second Season of Trucking Web-Series Roadworthy Featuring Heavy Hauls

Jun 08, 2017

DETROIT, MI – CarbonTV debuts the second season of its original web-series “Roadworthy” with a focus on heavy hauling sixteen wheelers. “Roadworthy: Heavy Hauls” is sponsored by Shell Rotella®, in partnership with MediaCom, and is available exclusively ondemand for free on and related CarbonTV OTT apps.

Shell ROTELLA® and API FA-4 – what you need to know

Feb 02, 2017

ROTELLA® leaders explain the benefits of the FA-4 category, as well as what commercial business and owner/operators need to know.

Wreaths Across America 'Unsung' Documentary Honors Fallen Veterans

Feb 03, 2017

Shell Rotella highlights the great work of Wreaths Across America, dedicated to honouring fallen veterans for their service and sacrifice.

Shell ROTELLA® and the New Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil Category CK-4

Nov 28, 2016

The next heavy duty diesel engine oil category is coming this December. Make sure you understand how it could affect your business.

Webinar: How Shell ROTELLA® Puts Their Diesel Oils To The Test In The Field

Nov 28, 2016

Shell ROTELLA® puts their oils to the test in the real world to better understand how their oils will perform for customers.

What Makes ROTELLA® T Triple Protection Plus Unique?

Nov 28, 2016

Learn what the new Shell ROTELLA® synthetic blend and full synthetic products with Triple Protection Plus technology can mean for your vehicle.

Penske Truck Leasing and Shell Rotella are Going Farther Together.

Nov 17, 2016

Shell Rotella works closely with customers like Penske Truck Leasing to develop the next evolution in hardworking protection.

Shell Responds to Ford’s Statement on CK-4 & FA-4 Diesel Oil

Nov 10, 2016

Response to Ford’s positioning statement regarding the use of API CK-4 and FA-4 approved heavy duty diesel engine oils in Ford diesel vehicles.

Shell ROTELLA® Debuts Wreaths Across America Documentary as Part of “Unsung” Series

Jul 20, 2016

Newest video to pay tribute to the Veteran Remembrance Program.

New Shell ROTELLA® Diesel Engine Oils Offer Improved Technology for Hard Working Vehicles

Jul 19, 2016

Advanced Shell Rotella Engine Oils Meet New API CK-4 Specifications

Shell Lubricants Announces Shell Rotella Portfolio to Meet API CK-4 and FA-4 Categories

Jul 19, 2016

Introduction of the next evolution of hard working protection

What is CK-4 & FA-4? Shell Lubricants Launches Education Programs About New Diesel Engine Oil Specifications

Mar 31, 2016

With the new CK-4 and FA-4 heavy duty engine oils slated to be available by December 1, 2016, Shell Lubricants continues to provide information both on the road and online about the new engine oils.

Shell Truck Design Contest

Mar 08, 2016

Shell Lubricants announces the Shell Truck Design Challenge, bringing the innovation of Class 8 truck design to some of the brightest minds of the future. The contest gives students a chance to win $1,000 for their school.

Shell ROTELLA® Supports Wreaths Across America with the Transportation of Wreaths for Veteran Remembrance this Holiday Season

Dec 10, 2015

Participation in the Wreaths Across America program and ceremonial wreath laying pays tribute to fallen heroes.

New ‘Unsung’ Documentaries Pay Tribute to Hard Work Across North America

Nov 02, 2015

Latest ‘Unsung’ installments from Shell ROTELLA show captivating stories of hardworking individuals.

Shell ROTELLA® SuperRigs® Big Rig Truck Competition Will Race into Selma, Texas June 11-13

Jun 09, 2015

Competition Will Be Held at Retama Park Race Track

Shell Lubricants and Airflow Truck Company To Develop Highest Mileage Hyper-Fuel Mileage Truck

Mar 26, 2015

Designer Bob Sliwa Seeks to Shatter Existing MPG Records in 2017

Shell ROTELLA® ELC-NF Added to Robust Coolant Portfolio

Feb 16, 2015

Nitrite free coolant meets specifications for on- and off-highway engines.

Shell ROTELLA® is Cookin’ Barbeque with BBQ Pitmasters on Destination America

Shell ROTELLA® is a sponsor of the fifth season of BBQ Pitmasters on Destination America on Saturday nights at 9 p.m. ET. The Shell ROTELLA® logo is featured on the back of the Pitmasters RV for the current season.

Shell ROTELLA® is on the Road with a Custom Grill Built by Pitt’s & Spitt’s

Inspired by their relationship with BBQ Pitmasters on Destination America, Shell Rotella® has created a custom barbeque pit for industry and customer events.

32nd Shell ROTELLA® SuperRigs® Truck Show Drives into Charlotte Motor Speedway May 15-17

May 12, 2014

Truck beauty Contest to be Part of Sprint All-Star Race Weekend

New Shell ‘Unsung’ Documentary Features One Man’s Dedication to Carolina Barbeque

May 14, 2014

Latest in series by Shell ROTELLA® highlighting compelling stories of everyday hard working people.

‘Unsung’ Documentaries Debut: Series Recognizes Often Overlooked Heroes

Nov 07, 2013

Series developed by Shell ROTELLA® tells compelling stories about the folks who drive the trucks that drive America

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