What is PC-12?

The Proposed Category 12 (PC-12) engine oils are in development now and will be licensed for use in early 2027.

In it for the Long Haul

We know hard work pays off in the long run. That’s why Shell Rotella® is committed to making quality products that help your engines live longer, go further, and keep you on the road. Because the reward is always up ahead.

Understanding Coolant Types is Important to Your Engine and Cooling System

By Brad Jordan, OEM Technical Services Manager, Shell Global Solutions

Importance of Regular Maintenance to Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Downtime

An Oil Analysis Program Takes the Guess Work out of Oil Drain Intervals and Can Help Reduce TCO.

How Does Synthetic Diesel Oil Improve Overall Fuel Economy?

Discover how fuel economy helps drivers reduce their CO2 emissions.

The Shell Rotella® Guide to Extreme Temperature Protection

To maintain fuel-efficient trucks, it’s crucial to understand your heavy-duty engine oil’s relationship to heat and cold.

What You Need to Know About Low Diesel Oil Viscosity

It’s the most important part of an oil’s property. Understanding viscosity is good for your business.

Which Diesel Engine Oil Is Best For My Vehicle?

Using the right oil for your vehicle is essential to reducing overall operational costs.

Debunked: 5 Common Myths About Synthetic Diesel Oil

Are you sure you know fact from fiction? Top Shell lubricant experts explain the truth.

Diesel Oil Additives: The Power of Shell Rotella® Diesel Engine Oil Explained

Oil additives are crucial for protecting your engine. Here we introduce the seven that make our oils world-class.

What Diesel Engine Oil Analysis Reveals About Your Engine and Oil

Learn what key engine functions this early warning system can help you optimize – and how.

What Causes Engine Wear and Tear?

Everything you need to know about microscopic engine wear and tear – and how to slow it down.


NLGI High-Performance Multiuse Grease Specifications

Greg Morris, Shell Oil Company, Americas Product Application Specialist Team Lead and Grease Product Application Specialist

8 Steps to Net Zero Emissions Every Diesel Fleet Can Take

How commercial fleets can act on legislative and consumer demand to be more sustainable now.

The Pros & Cons of Powertrain Tech for Haulers

Now is the time to start the transition from fossil fuels to powertrain technologies. Shell explores your best options.

Drivers: Here’s How Your Behavior Affects your Diesel Truck's Fuel Economy

Your actions can affect how much fuel you use in surprising ways. Discover the four top habits of fuel-saving truckers.

How Shell is Preparing for a Cleaner-Energy Future

Global demand for energy is rising. Yet must increasingly come from lower-carbon sources, especially clean-energy fuels.

Freight Ton Efficiency: A Better Energy-Use Measure?

Discover the new, greener, energy measurement that Shell believes the entire heavy-duty transport industry should adopt.


Guy sitting on truck tire

Essential Trucking Resources For Unpredictable Weather

Planning and being prepared for an emergency helps truckers get their work done, whatever the driving conditions.

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Man Carrying Son

Meet the Unsung Heroes

Follow a day in the life of behind-the-scenes workers in this series of short documentaries commissioned by Shell Rotella.

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