Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil

Shell Rotella T6 – Full Synthetic

Explore our portfolio of advanced full synthetic and synthetic blend motor oils for diesel and gas engines.

Shell Rotella T5 – Synthetic Blend

Explore our portfolio of advanced synthetic blend motor oils for diesel engines.

Shell Rotella T4 – Triple Protection

Shell Rotella® T4 Triple Protection is designed to provide hardworking protection that adapts to your driving conditions. With millions of miles of real world testing, Shell Rotella® T4 Triple Protection uses a proprietary, synthetic blend formula exclusive to Shell.

Shell Rotella T1 – Straight Grade

Like the other products in our completely reformulated portfolio, Shell Rotella® conventional motor oil products provide superior performance and protection characteristics for heavy duty diesel engines.

Coolants, Filters, DEF and Greases

The Shell Lubricants product line offers many choices to cover your needs. Our training will help your staff provide advice and use proper techniques and tools for complete lubrication service.

What is the Best Diesel Oil for Your Vehicle?

Consider your vehicle/equipment and what it means to you and your business. You are pressed to keep it on the road while at the same time managing your overall costs.

What do you drive?

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2023 Shell Rotella SuperRigs Truck Show

Now in its 41st year, Shell Rotella recognizes and celebrates hard-working drivers and their trucks at the Annual Shell Rotella SuperRigs® Truck Beauty Contest.

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Protection that goes the distance. Learn more about the Shell Rotella Lubrication Limited Warranty.

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