trophies kept on a table

Come be part of this unique, Working Truck Beauty Contest. Show off all your hard work, visit with friends, listen to some music, take part in a scavenger hunt and win prizes, and who knows, maybe you’ll even be one of the chosen few to be featured in the world-famous 2020 SuperRigs calendar. Only 12 of the best trucks and their drivers will grace its pages and become a part of this legendary club. Will you be one? Once you’ve made the calendar, you know you’re a giant in the industry!

Shell Rotella SuperRigs® Award Categories:

  • Working Truck
  • Limited Mileage Working Truck 
  • Non-Working Trucks (AKA Show Trucks)
  • Specialty Categories:
  • Best Interior (1 award)
  • Best Chrome (1 award)
  • Best Theme (1 award)
  • Best Engine (1 award)
  • Best Lights (1 award)
  • People’s Choice (1 award)
  • Most Hardworking Trucker (1 award)

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Shell Rotella® SuperRigs Award Categories and Official Contest Rules

Read the full description for each Shell Rotella SuperRigs Award category and Official Contest Rules.