If you want to know about hard work, ask a trucker. If you want to feel the pride of carrying on rich traditions, some generations deep… Or what it’s like to put an entire country’s economy on your shoulders… Or to have more than 80% of US communities depend on you… Or to support more than seven million jobs…

Ask a trucker.

At Shell Rotella®, we’ve been working hard for truck drivers for over 40 years. And we know that they deserve not only our support, but also the best oils we can make. That’s why we’re proud to provide these 3.5 million professionals with our best technology to help their hard work go a little farther. We’re also celebrating them with truck stop giveaways and Facebook contests for an opportunity to win free oil*. But while the celebration only lasts a week, rest assured that the Shell Rotella brand will continue to work hard for these proud truck drivers every day of the year. Because we’re the engine oil that works as hard as they do.

* 5 lucky truckers will receive 17 gallons/6 cases of Rotella T4 15W-40

In order to be considered, truckers must submit a photo in the comments of the Facebook post and tell us why they are a hard worker and use the hashtag #RotellaAppreciates

After deliberation by an independent panel, 1 winner will be chosen each day (M-F, 5 total winners)

Winners will be announced on/around September 25th 

Visit our Facebook page and look for the posts daily for your chance to win.