Select Shell Rotella T5 & T6 products are now carbon neutral.

It’s a tough job for fleets to constantly looking for ways to reduce their net carbon footprint while continuing to grow their business. As a leading provider of heavy-duty diesel engine oils, we play an essential role in helping fleet customers achieve that goal. Our premium Shell Rotella portfolio already delivered improved engine performance and fuel efficiency; now, by being carbon neutral from raw material extraction to end-of-life, they also will help customers advance toward fleet’s carbon-reduction goals.

Carbon Neutral Lubricants Infographic

Carbon Neutral Lubricants

Learn about why Carbon Neutral Lubricants are important for On-Highway Fleets and the Top 5 benefits Shell Rotella offers fleet managers, owner operators and OEMs.

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Shell Lubricant Solutions working hard on sustainability goals

Since 2016, we have reduced the carbon intensity of our lubricants manufacturing by more than 30%[1], and over 50% of the electricity used in its lubricant blending plants now comes from renewable sources5. We are also reducing packaging waste from lubricant products at scale by increasing the use of recycled materials and exploring more sustainable packaging across its supply chains.

We recognize that measures to avoid and reduce emissions will be essential to tackle emissions over the long term. Until scalable solutions are deployed, carbon-offsetting programs provide an immediate solution to reduce CO2e emissions across Shell’s portfolio and value chain.

How does Carbon neutral Shell Rotella work?

Shell Rotella carbon neutral products are available in the United States and Canada. Shell’s global portfolio of nature-based carbon credits will compensate CO2e emissions from the lifecycle of these products, including the raw materials, packaging, production, distribution, customer use and product end of life. Shell supports projects which focus on protecting and restoring natural ecosystems: they naturally absorb CO2 from the atmosphere every year while also improving biodiversity, protecting endangered species and supporting local communities.

It's easy; just buy any product suitable for your fleet from Carbon Neutral Shell Rotella T5 and T6 portfolio and we take care of the rest, offsetting your engine oil’s unavoidable carbon emissions through the purchase of carbon credits from a portfolio of carefully chosen nature-based projects – such as forest developments or grassland preservation projects – that capture and store carbon from the atmosphere.

Benefits to your Business

There are several advantages to choosing Carbon Neutral Shell Rotella products;

  1. Your company will demonstrate corporate leadership and strengthen its position
  2. You can begin, or continue, sustainable business practices
  3. You can meet the increasing demands of internal and external stakeholders
  4. Your business can have a positive impact on communities around the world by offsetting through verified projects

Shell Lubricant Solutions Sustainability

Working with our customers to achieve sustainability without sacrificing business performance.

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