What is the Million Mile Haul of Fame?

Shell Rotella® Million Mile Haul of Fame is an exclusive organization reserved for professional drivers who have driven a single vehicle for 1,000,000 miles under the protection of Shell Rotella® heavy-duty engine oil.

It isn't easy to join the Million Mile Haul of Fame but these professional drivers have done it! Take a look. Do you have what it takes to join their ranks?

This could be you; do you have what it takes?

Jerry Kissinger

Cottage Grove
Wisconsin, USA
1,407,369 miles

Jerry Kissinger, driver of Thumper, his 1991 Mack Superliner, was honored on April 1, 2011 as the first  inductee into the new Shell Rotella® Million Mile Haul of Fame at MATS.  Jerry qualified for this honor by surpassing over 1,000,000 miles on his truck without undertaking any major engine work, all while using Shell Rotella® T heavy-duty engine oil in his engine. “Being the first person to become part of the Shell Rotella Million Mile Haul of Fame is a great honor,” said Kissinger.  “Shell Rotella has proven to me for many years that it can protect my engine and has helped keep me on the road doing what I love.”

Scott Trenholm

St. Catherina
Ontario, Canada
1,900,000 kilometers

As an incredible inductee into the Rotella T Million Miler program many years ago, Scott Trenholm previously drove his Peterbilt (Cat 3406) 1.9 million miles without a major overhaul. But people rarely heard this from Scott. After 1.4 million miles, he stopped telling other drivers about his engine’s performance and how Shell’s Rotella® T heavy duty engine oil helped him through the years. "Either the boys didn’t believe it, " he recalls, "or they told me to take it in for a rebuild." Today, Scott continues to haul with a new truck and achieving 1,900,000 to date!

Brian Cookman

Ontario, Canada
1,164,000 kilometers

As an inductee into the Rotella T Million Miler program many years ago, Brian Cookman continues to loyally haul along with Rotella T in his Peterbilt Long Nose (550 CAT) while achieving 1,164,000 miles so far!

Dave Cranley

Ontario, Canada
2,545,520 kilometers

As a past inductee into the Rotella T Million Miler program in April 2006, Dave and Rotella T5, his preferred brand, continue to journey while achieving 2,545,520 miles to date!

Stephen Large

Alberta, Canada
3,400,000 kilometers

As a past inductee into the Rotella T Million Miler program in November 2005, Stephen and Rotella Triple Protection, his preferred brand, continue to travel in the United States, Canada and off road while achieving an incredible 3,400,000 kilometers to date!

Rick Triggs

Manitoba, Canada
2,700,000 miles

As a past inductee into the Rotella T Million Miler program in November 1994, Rick and Rotella T were first known for hauling frozen fries over a million miles. Today, Rick continues to journey with Rotella T while driving a Freightliner and achieving 2,700,000 miles to date!

Glenn Runge

St. James
Minnesota, USA
1,021,106 miles

Glenn, a 2011 inductee, trusts his 2006 Peterbilt 387 to carry him an estimated 145,000 a year.

I have always used Shell Rotella. Other competitors have tried to get me to switch, but the one thing that I will not compromise in my engine is the oil. We have never had an engine failure due to the oil that we use and for that reason, why fix something that isn’t broke.

Scott Runge

St. James
Minnesota, USA
1,403,425 miles

Scott, a 2011 inductee, logs an estimated 25,000 miles a year in his 1996 Kenworth T-800 and is a 3rd generation Shell Rotella® customer.

Shell Rotella is the oil that my family has used for a long time. My grandfathers used it in his trucks, my father uses it in his trucks, and I will continue to use it in our trucks.

Bob Dupree

Montana, USA
1,126,086 miles

Bob, a 2011 inductee, drives a 1995 Freightliner with the original engine still running strong!

We use Rotella oils because of their long history of lubricant superiority and their proven track record. We have used Rotella oils and lube analysis in our vehicles since day 1 and have never had an oil related problem.

Terry Eipers

Illinois, USA
1,775,000 miles

Terry, a 2011 inductee, bought his truck new in 1998 and as he travels across 48 states he trusts Shell Rotella® T Triple Protection®.

…In my current truck having 1,775,000 miles when it was torn down for rebuild at 1,540,000 my mechanic said he never saw a cleaner engine with this many miles on it still had machine marks in the liners and only used ½ gallon of oil in 12,000 miles it was torn down for rebuild only because no.5 liner seal leaked antifreeze in oil.

Earl Evans, Jr.

Ohio, USA
1,030,200 miles

Earl, a 2012 inductee, trusts his 2005 Kenworth W900L to take him over 125,000 miles a year.

I've used Shell Rotella for 38 years and over 5 million miles. My 2000 Kenworth with a C-15 Caterpillar went 1.4 million miles on Shell Rotella before overhaul. I’ve also been using Spirax 85W140 synthetic gear lube and transmission lubes for the same period of time with no wear issues or failures.