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Coolant For Diesel Engines- Copare Products

The Shell Rotella® line of heavy-duty coolants is formulated to provide superior protection for today’s heavy-duty diesel engines.

Grease Lubricants - Our Complete Line

Shell Rotella Greases and lubricants are designed to meet the challenges for even the toughest jobs.

Oil Filters For Diesel Engines

Shell ROTELLA™ oil filters offer the technology light-duty diesel pick up drivers have come to expect from the ROTELLA® name.

Other Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oils and Lubricants

The Shell Lubricants product line offers many choices to cover your needs. Our training will help your staff provide advice and use proper techniques and tools for complete lubrication service.

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Find A Location Nearby For Rotella Products

You can find Shell Rotella® products at over 95% of major truck stops and many truck service shops across the country. Use our store locator to find an installer or retailer nearest you.

Lubricants for businesses

Find out about the expert advice, support and case studies we provide through our lubricant-related services that are helping companies like yours every day.


We believe your hard work should be rewarded. So remember to visit this page and check for special offers before your next Shell Rotella® oil purchase.