What can you get with MyMilesMatter?

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    $25 Amazon eGift Card

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    $25 Shell gift card

  • Bose® SoundLink® Micro Bluetooth® Speaker

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How to Join and Earn Reward Miles

  • STEP 1

    Complete the online registration form. The MyMilesMatter program is completely FREE to join.

  • STEP 2

    Purchase eligible Shell Rotella® products or oil change services.

  • STEP 3

    Enter the code from under the cap OR if there is no code under the cap, save your receipt to scan/photograph and upload on the website.

What products earn Rewards?

Rotella T6 Synthetic Diesel Oils

Shell Rotella® T6 Full Synthetic engine oil provides protection that can save money with enhanced fuel economy capability, without compromising engine protection or durability. Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic performs extremely well in heavy duty diesel engines even in extreme temperatures, meeting and exceeding industry performance standards.

Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend Diesel Oils

Shell Rotella® T5 Synthetic Blend products contain Triple Protection Plus™ technology (advanced additive technology plus synthetic base oils) to protect against wear, deposits, oil breakdown, and provide better low temperature flow.

Gas Truck Synthetic Motor Oil

Unsurpassed wear protection that larger, higher-torque truck and SUV powertrains need, especially when your truck is being a truck: heavy hauling and towing, rugged terrain, extreme hot and cold temperatures, and stop and go driving.

Service and Support

How to earn Reward Miles

Choose Shell ROTELLA® T4 Triple Protection, Shell ROTELLA® T5 Synethtic Blend or Shell ROTELLA® T6 Full Synthetic heavy duty engine oil and oil change services and earn Reward Miles used toward our online catalog.


The Shell ROTELLA Lubrication Limited Warranty for heavy duty diesel engines brought to you by the world's #1 Lubricants Supplier*

*Shell Lubricants companies lead the lubricants industry for the fourth consecutive year; based on Kline & Company, “Global Lubricants Industry 2009: Market Analysis and Assessment, 2009- 2019”