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Shell Lubricants offers a wide portfolio of products, business services and maintenance solutions designed to deliver real value to your business. Maximizing equipment uptime, protecting your machines, minimizing operating costs and complying with environmental standards are key to your success. We work hard with customers like you to develop business solutions that can adapt to the ever-changing maintenance and lubrication requirements of your engine.

Over the years, we’ve worked with some of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers, giving us a unique perspective on the issues you face. Accordingly, we’ve developed an adaptable approach to your business focusing on delivering value in three areas:

  • Products that protect and extend maintenance intervals
  • Innovative maintenance solutions to help increase efficiencies
  • Business services to help your agriculture business


Consider your equipment and what it means to your business. You must keep your equipment working in the field while at the same time managing your overall costs of operation.

Here are just a few examples of the how Shell Lubricants can help provide value to agriculture customers around the world.

  • Make the right choice in lubricating your equipment: Managing a farm often means managing a wide range of equipment of different brands with different lubrication requirements. Shell LubeMatch can provide a simple but highly professional solution to find a match between equipment applications and the right Shell Lubricants product. This provides optimization of the lubrication plan, which can help reduce the complexity and the overall cost of lubrication.
  • Avoid equipment failure and unexpected breakdown: A breakdown is never good, but it can be a disaster for your business if it happens during the harvest season. Shell LubeVideoCheck can help you avoid unexpected downtime due to lubrication-related issues. It allows a skilled technician to inspect and assess the condition of internal engine components without dismantling. It helps maximize equipment utilization by inspecting the engine on-site, saving both time and money.

Shell Lubricants can work with you to assess your individual operations and determine what value we can deliver for your business.

Our technologists and engineers understand how to design oils with specific protection levels and the tools and services to help maximize the value of customers’ lubrication investments. Our portfolio of products, services and maintenance solutions is the culmination of their expertise and skill, offering a full range of protection and performance possibilities to agricultural companies. And our nationwide network of Shell Lubricants distributors will work relentlessly to understand how your business operates and which lubricants best suit your needs.