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SuperRigs Best of Show

Best of Show – William Rethwisch Jr.

SuperRigs Tractor 2nd place

Tractor 2nd Place – Dallas McCord

Tractor/Trailor 1st Place

Tractor/Trailor 1st Place – Kevin Pascavis

SuperRigs Tractor/Trailor 5th Place

Tractor/Trailor 5th Place - Moe Whitchurch

SuperRigs Classic 4th Place

Classic 4th Place - Andy Zary

SuperRigs Best Interior

Best Interior - William Rethwisch Jr.

SuperRigs People’s Choice

People’s Choice – Carl L. Chase

SuperRigs 1st Runner Up

1st Runner Up – Jeremy Hassevoort

SuperRigs Tractor 3rd place

Tractor 3rd Place – Martin Warner

SuperRigs Tractor/Trailor 2nd place

Tractor/Trailor 2nd Place – Chris VanPelt

Classic 1st Place

Classic 1st Place - Mike Meyer

SuperRigs Classic 5th Place

Classic 5th Place - Troy Huddleston

SuperRigs Best Theme

Best Theme - Jonathan Alizon Dyck

SuperRigs Show Truck

Show Truck – Vinnie Diorio

SuperRigs 2nd runner up

2nd Runner Up – Kevin Pascavis

SuperRigs Tractor 4th place

Tractor 4th Place – Mitch Broderson

SuperRigs Tractor/Trailor 3rd Place

Tractor/Trailor 3rd Place - Paul Rissler

Classic 2nd Place

Classic 2nd Place - Joel Dawes

SuperRigs Best Lights

Best Lights - Moe Whitchurch

SuperRigs Best Engine

Best Engine – Jonathan Eilen

SuperRigs Tractor 1st Place

Tractor 1st Place – Troy Kunshier

SuperRigs Tractor 5th Place

Tractor 5th Place – David Foster

SuperRigs Tractor/Trailor 4th Place

Tractor/Trailor 4th Place - TJ Timblin

SuperRigs Classic 3rd Place

Classic 3rd Place - Trev Timblin

SuperRigs Best Chrome

Best Chrome - Jeremy Hassevoort

SuperRigs Most Hardworking

Most Hardworking – Josh Hainstock

Congratulations Shawn Brownfield! He was selected as the 2013 Virtual SuperRigs People’s Choice winner.

Thank you to all Virtual SuperRigs participants.  Every participant received 650 MyMilesMatter Reward Miles. Stay tuned for the next contest coming in November.

Virtual SuperRigs Winner Shawn Brownfield!

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